Top 5 things when choosing a home inspector

So you’re about to purchase or sell a home and you need a home inspection. Your friends give you a referral, your real estate agent gives you a referral, and a little research gives you a number of home inspection companies to choose from. Who do you choose?

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right company for you home inspection:

  1. Credentials:
    Home Inspection is not a hobby. Make sure you work with a certified professional.
  2. Experience:
    Watch out for new home inspectors looking to cash in on a moving market. How many years have they been around?
  3. Availability:
    Do they pick up the phone when you call?
  4. Communication Skills:
    Are your questions answered with easy to understand responses and adequate information?
  5. References & Testimonials:
    After the job is done, what do their customers say about them?